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Supreme Body Wrap

Supreme Body Wrap

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The SUPREME PRODUCTS® Body Wrap, made from the finest grade 4 way stretch Lycra mix, is a superb garment for aiding in preparation by laying the coat, adding condition and shine and keeping plaits intact and pristine. This garment can be used whilst travelling and also stabling, in place of duvets or as a lightweight rug. It should be close fitting, but not tight. It has a 12" underbelly strap and leg straps to hold it securely and comfortably in place. We recommend finishing off with a fillet string. Garments are based on riding pony/horse types and are sized to fit up to and including a hand size, therefore a 12.2hh pony would be fitted with a 12.2hh garment and a 12.3, 13.0hh, 13.1hh and 13.2hh pony would be fitted with a 13.2hh garment and so on. Sizes start at foal/miniature and go through to 17.2hh. For chunkier types, natives and traditionals, we recommend going up a size, i.e. a 13.2hh Welsh Section C would be sized in a 14.2hh garment. Handmade in the UK.

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