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Star Studded

Star Studded Stud Silicone

Star Studded Stud Silicone

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Stud Silicone:

The best way to keep your stud holes clean between shows. When the farrier has just put all four shoes on new or when you’ve just taken all of your studs out, you can have all 8 holes plugged in literally less than a minute. Steel keepers can wear down and be tricky to get out, cotton wool doesn’t protect against arena sand, but these will keep your stud holes perfect in any riding conditions.


Mix a little bit of the 2 colours together, it goes in like play-doh then sets in a few minutes. When you pull it out it pops out with a shoeing nail or the Star Studded Thread cleaner really easily. 

The idea is that it’s way easier to put in than anything else but keeps your hole as clean as a steel keeper would.

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