Premier Lizzano Anatomic Leather Stud Girth
Premier Lizzano Anatomic Leather Stud Girth

Premier Lizzano Anatomic Leather Stud Girth

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Stud girths are designed to protect your horse from injuring themselves when jumping with studs in their front shoes for show jumping, cross country and other activities involving jumping. They are also useful for horses who are particularly careful with their front legs, and can catch themselves naturally when jumping. Our Lizzano Anatomic Leather Stud Girth is made from premium quality Italian leather, providing excellent durability and suppleness from the very first use.

Anatomical shaping provides more room behind the horse’s front legs, decreasing restriction with the potential of increasing performance. Smooth leather panel work combined with high quality stitch lines provide a sleek, professional aesthetic. One central clip ring and two side D-Rings have been added for the attachment of martingales, breastplates and/or training aids. Finished with premium quality stainless steel buckles, this jumping girth is ideal for use on sensitive horses in everyday work or at competitions.

Anatomic Stud Girth: Key features...

  • Italian leather construction
  • Stud protection panel
  • High quality elasticated girthing straps
  • Anatomical shape for improved comfort and performance
  • High quality stitching
  • One central clip ring attachment
  • Two side D-Ring attachments
  • Stainless steel buckles