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NPC Opti-Min

NPC Opti-Min

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Horses have individual requirements, therefore we have tailored the dose in our revised edition of OPTI-MIN which allows you to best select the dose, whether you feed 30 g, 60 g or 80 g to your feeding regime!

OPTI-MIN has been designed for New Zealand horses. It contains higher levels of copper, zinc, sodium chloride, as well as containing iodine and selenium.

With regards to selenium; we purposely keep this level on the lower side as generally pastures have "some" (0.05-0.1 mg/Kg) and feeds/forages will also increase your horses level as selenium has a cummulative effect. Keep in mind horses have different rates of metabolism so it is far easier to under do this than overshoot this mineral (which becomes toxic). We suggest a blood test if you think your horse needs more.


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Opti-min uses the latest in trace element technology for the very best in bioavailibility, digestion and absorption by the animal. Glycinates are superior to Proteinates, here are some comparison studies on Copper and Zinc Glycinates vs Proteinates.

Direct from the world leaders in trace elements technology (BASF) for animal nutrition click here:


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