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NPC Vitamin E

NPC Vitamin E

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Vitamin E  (natural source/bio available)


Highly effective at a low dose, requires as little as 2 grams per 500Kg horse daily.

Vitamin E helps muscles, nerves, fertility and immune function. Popular for high perfomance horses due to the powerful anti-oxidant properties which assist muscles. Vitamin E is a powerful anti-oxidant which helps to protect cell structures from damage. High performance horses require higher levels of anti-oxidants as they produce more damaging waste products during exercise.


Muscle issues:

6 grams + daily  (3000 iu) for high performance horses/horses working at high metabolic rates and prone to tight or sore muscles

2 grams + (1000-3000 iu) for horses in work and prone to tight or sore muscles

General dose of 2 grams (1000 iu) recommended when the diet is in shortfall, such as limited access to green pasture.


Please note: for horses prone to tight muscles; ensure sufficient electrolytes, selenium  (blood test first) and that the horse is conditioned also for the work required.


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