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Maxia Digest

Maxia Digest

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Maxia Digest contains a combination of superior, researched ingredients known to
support the overall digestive health of your horse to achieve optimal function.
Suitable for horses who may require gastrointestinal support to ensure appropriate
digestive conditions, it also aids nutrient absorption to help with top line, overall body
condition, hoof quality, coat shine and equine immunity.

What does it do?
The ingredients included in Maxia Digest have been selected to benefit the horse through
these key aspects:
• Targeted buffering of the stomach acid to protect the sensitive gut wall from damage

• Support healthy populations of good bacteria in both the fore and hind gut with a
combination of pre and probiotics which have a synergistic effect when
supplemented together

• Immune system support in mares, new born foals (via colostrum) and adult horses

• Improvement in nutrient supply to maintain coat, skin and hoof condition

What are the ingredients?
• Maxia Complete Researched and trusted as a natural, slow acting, pH buffer derived
from red marine algae to help control and reduce acidity in the gut. This unique and
natural form of calcium breaks down slowly allowing for initial protein digestion in
the stomach, while acid buffering increases as digestion proceeds, reducing the risk
of ulceration from acid splashing.

• Probiotic Saccharomyces cerevisiae CNCM I-1077 Micro Encapsulated live yeast
(LevucellSC) selected for its capacity to optimise hindgut (the site of microbial fibre
digestion) function in horses and enhance the natural process of digestion. Limits
undesirable changes in the intestinal microbial ecosystem, helps to stabilise the gut
microflora in stressful conditions and optimise feed digestibility.

• Prebiotic Oligofructose are selectively fermented ingredients that nourish and
stimulate growth of beneficial bacteria, benefiting the horse by enhancing the
absorption and retention of certain minerals, which in turn can support the immune
system and skeletal tissue. Helps to improve the survival, implantation and growth
of newly added probiotic strains.

• Prebiotic Mannan-Oligosaccharides Enriched yeast fractions help to bind pathogens
and limit their adhesion to the gastro intestinal tract, allowing the development of a
beneficial microflora able to use Mannans as an energy source. Contributes to the
regulation of the intestinal flora to allow optimal nutrient absorption, enhancing
digestibility and supporting immune response. Helps to improve the survival,
implantation and growth of newly added probiotic strains.

• DL Methionine A sulphur-bearing, essential amino acid and a major methyl donor for
liver function and the correct amino acid utilisation.

• Biotin A water soluble B vitamin essential for correct transport and utilisation of
protein in the body tissues, involved in cell proliferation, aids keratin synthesis for
hoof, coat and skin quality.

• Chelated Zinc An important component of antioxidant enzymes. Helps to maintain
cell membrane integrity, support the immune system and is necessary for the
synthesis of chondroitin sulphate which is used in cartilage formation.

• Vitamin C A water soluble antioxidant vitamin that facilitates the synthesis of
collagen, the primary component of connective tissue and is required in the
antioxidant system in the body as well as for eye function.


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