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Hawthorne Hot Nail Solution

Hawthorne Hot Nail Solution

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Hot Nail is a specially formulated solution to prevent infection in the hoof. Hot Nail is a multipurpose product with a handy applicator tip for control and ease of application.


Hot Nail was designed for the treatment of infection due to improperly placed nails. Remove the nail or nails in question, then insert the handy applicator tip and gently squeeze. This process can be repeated if necessary. Do not replace the nail. The horse will not become sore and valuable time will not be lost due to infection.

Hot Nail can treat thrush as well as toughen the sole of the hoof for tender footed horses.

It is extremely important to not allow this product on or above the hairline and should be cleaned with soap and water in the event application in an unwanted area occurs. Dry the area and apply a soothing lotion (Aloe Vera, Vaseline, etc..)

Hot Nail is used to treat improperly placed nails. It also is used to treat thrush, sterilizing white line, and tender footed horses. This video shows specifically when and how to get the best results with Hot Nail and help your horse in the best way. Hawthorne manufactures horse care products for horse owners, trainers or anyone else caring for a horse. Our products are designed for hoof care; for leg care including leg paint, leg wraps, poultice, and liniments; and breathing aids for throat irritation and congestion. Other products for first aid can found in our commodities section.

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