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Equibuff Wonder Sponge

Equibuff Wonder Sponge

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Equibuff is a grooming sponge that can do the job of multiple brushes.
It removes dried-in mud, dust and dander and erases sweat and saddle marks, removes shedding hair, buffs coats, and is great for bathing.

Equibuff is gentle enough to use on your horse's face and sensitive areas, yet tough enough to remove heavier ground in dirt.
It works a charm when your horse is shedding by whisking away their winter coat.
You can clean horse's hooves before oiling or use it wet when bathing for more efficient shampooing.
It is also great for removing hair from Numnahs and clothing before washing them.

Equibuff grooming sponge is an essential item to have in your tack box.
It is ideal for when you are on the go, or for every day use.
This sponge will amaze you with all the things it can be used for.

Colours: Black, Blue, Purple, Pink

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