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Drink-Up Sachet

Drink-Up Sachet

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Formulated for Horses that won’t drink!

Horses can loose large quantities of sweat during exercise, so rehydration is essential for horse health and performance.  Drink-Up is a supplement specifically formulated to encourage horses to consume water, and helps solve the problem of fussy horses that won’t drink when stabled, travelling or competing.

Directions:  Add 1 sachet to 5L water and stir briefly.  For very fussy horses, blend 30 mins prior to required usage to enhance flavours.

Ingredients:  Barley, Oats, Corn, Bran, Sunflower seeds, KER Restore, Molasses, Salt, Natural Apple Flavour, Propionic acid.

***NB – This product is not an electrolyte replacer.  While Drink-Up contains RESTORE, it doesn’t replace the need for an electrolyte for horses that sweat. For horses that are ill, refuse to drink or in cases of severe or moderate dehydration, please seek veterinary advice.

Sold as individual sachets (80g)

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