Bomber 2 1/2 Ring EggButt Barrel 30

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The most ergonomic bit we can find to get the pressure off of the horse's sensitive tongue, for absolute comfort and acceptance for the horse.  This also prevents the horse putting the tongue over the bit, head shaking, tossing and hiding behind the bit.  The Bomber’s bits are a great choice for all over gentle contact that conforms to the horses mouth.  The Bomber blue metal on the mouth piece oxidizes for a softer warmer feel in the horse's mouth.  Each bit is hand made to order to your horse’s exact size – even to fit drafts and ponies.  The 2.5 ring is an ideal bit for very subtly and gently introducing the feel of a leverage bit to young horse, this also encourages the horse to round his neck and come on the bit.  The rein can be placed in the larger ring for normal snaffle action, with no leverage or in the lower small ring for very slight leverage.  Also a great bit for riders looking for a gentle single bit to replace the complete double bridle in schooling and be used with only one rein.  These bits are the best value we have found for the quality and ergonomic fit, they offer.  Note that the Bomber barrel joint will not nutcracker, but offers more give and flexibility then most popular barrel joints, giving it a softer feel in the horses mouth and more independent side action.