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Bomber Wilkie Elliptical Lock Up - 120mm

Bomber Wilkie Elliptical Lock Up - 120mm

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Bombers Wilkie Elliptical Lock Up. The Elliptical Lock Up removes the nut cracker action of the conventional three piece, meaning less pressure on the bars but more on the tongue. The Elliptical Lock Up is therefore a softer option, than a conventional elliptical, although stronger than a control plate. The mouthpiece can be optionally more curved, creating a more comfortable bend than the conventional, which reduces pinch and spreads pressure points around the bars. The middle elliptical joints are locked in one direction. Recommended by Bomber for tongue sensitive horses. This would be recommended for horses lifting, poking or flicking their heads.

Bombers Elliptical Lock Up belongs to the second category at the Bombers bit category; Semi-Broken 

SEMI BROKEN: The centre joint is hindered from making its full movement, thereby limiting the bit’s action and lessening the pinch

CHEEKPIECE - Wilkie - The Wilkie utilizes pressure on the poll and little bit raises the bit in the horse’s mouth to achieve additional control without resorting to a stronger mouthpiece. This is similar to the action of a ring bit but to a milder degree which is why it has found favour for use on ponies. Similar action to ring bits but much softer, the additional rings set inside the loose ring increase poll pressure and little bit raise the mouthpiece in the horse’s mouth. 

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