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Beris Tandem Prime

Beris Tandem Prime

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Beris PRIME sets new standards in communication between horse and rider! The anatomically correct, extremely soft mouthpiece spreads the pressure evenly on tongue and back. Integrated, oval bite discs with a carefully modeled transition to the middle piece prevent the lips from getting trapped and give the dentition extra lateral support. The premium mouthpiece of PRIME consists of food-resistant plastic, in a processing and surface remuneration, which is so far unrivaled in plastic bites! The new plastic is made of a super soft material, which encourages many horses to chew and to chew. The eraser effect of commercial rubber dentures can not occur with the beris PRIME, because even with a few salivating horses it slides through the high-quality refined surface of the mouthpiece very well in the mouth.

The beris PRIME is also well-suited for horses who are allergic to metals or their alloys, because the oval bite discs avoid direct contact between the mouth and the metal. For safety, we have embedded a steel inlay into the super-soft plastic of the beris PRIME. The stainless steel side parts are manufactured with the highest craftsmanship and precisely fitted into the bit bushes.

Use with a rein. It results in a pressure expansion on the nose, the lower jaw branches and on the nape, through increased pulling action one also achieves a slight pull-up effect of the dentition. Suitable for horses, which are too sensitive for a pure dentition in the mouth, but can not be ridden alone with a hackamore.
The material is not resistant again chewing. 

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