Woof Wear Medical Hoof Boot

Woof Wear Medical Hoof Boot

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A unique close fitting hoof boot designed to keep wounds, poultices and dressings clean, and reducing the amount of bandage needed. This boot is suitable for use in the stable and can be used on sensible horses in the paddock. The boot is designed using flexible and light materials to enable easy fitting and as a cost effective alternative to adhesive bandage and tape. Bearing this in mind, exuberant horses and those having undertaken a period of stable rest may damage the boot by standing on it or doing racing stops. In these situations you may wish to consider placing an overreach boot on top of the medical hoof boot or using a more traditional poultice for the first day turned out. 

We expect the boot to last 2-3 weeks under normal circumstances with many customers finding they last much longer. The boot is not indestructible and so is not guaranteed against breakage, due to the horse standing on the boot 

These boots MUST be a very firm fit - like you would wear a wetsuit. They will almost certainly suffer damage if fitted too big 

Featuring a grooved sole for extra grip and a Kevlar interior for durability, it also has an asymmetric zip to give the boot a really close fit (and prevent it opening), stopping bedding and other debris from getting inside. 

The boot may be used with or without a shoe. They can be used on any foot (there is no left/right), although you may need different sizing if using on the hind. It can assist in a number of ailments to the foot such as abscesses, corns, bruised soles etc. 

The boot is machine washable at 30 degrees. It is not designed as a riding boot. 
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Fits hoof 76-85mm wide 
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Fits hoof 86-94mm wide 
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Fits hoof 95-103mm wide 
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Fits hoof 104-112mm wide 
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Fits hoof 113-121mm wide 
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Fits hoof 122-130mm wide 
6  - 
Fits hoof 131-139mm wide 
7  - Fits hoof 140-148mm wide 
8  - 
Fits hoof 149-157mm wide 
9 - Fits hoof 158-166mm wide