Sportz-Vibe Wireless Massage Therapy Rug

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Following the success of the original Sportz-Vibe, a gentle, every day non-invasive massage horse rug, Sportz-Vibe ZX was created to meet customer demand for a completely wireless controlled horse massage rug. A must for reducing stiffness, improving movement and assisting great warm up and recovery for pre and post exercise! Please read the information below, and watch the videos at the bottom!


  • The latest wireless technology, allowing for a single remote to wirelessly control the integrated massage panels
  • Four treatment panels come with the rug as standard, with the option to buy more panels
  • The ability to simultaneously treat a maximum of 6 locations at one time
  • Built in battery with a battery life indicator in each panel
  • Easy access to panels by the panel pockets which are located on the outside of the rug
  • 15 different pocket locations for a wide range of treatment areas on the horse, including neck, shoulder, back, hind end
  • Three different frequency settings, gentle, moderate and a combination gentle & moderate setting allowing you to customise the massage based on your horse's specific needs
  • Lightweight mesh net rug, allows for ultimate comfort to the horse, ensuring horse does not overheat during massage treatment
  • Adjustable sizing to offer three different sizes in one rug, allowing for a secure fit depending on each horse's build

Settings are pre-programmed to run at the optimum length of time per treatment and switch off automatically so you don't need to worry about over-doing it.
Ideal for use as part of your daily routine, for both pre-warm up, and recovery, to ensure circulation and lymphatic drainage to keep muscles in the best health possible.

Small for horses who wear rugs sized 5'3 - 5'9 (NZ4'0 - 4'6)
Medium for horses who wear rugs sized 6'0 - 6'6 (NZ 4'9 - 5'3)
Large for horses who wear rugs sized 6'9 - 7'3 (NZ 5'6 - 6'0)

Please read the instructional booklet when you receive your rug. 

Please note: that the time to fully charge the 4 panels is actually 8 hours, not 3 as printed, even when LED lights on battery panels go green, please ensure you charge for the full time.  Once fully charged you will get 2 hours usage from the panels.  The remote control will not need as long, 1-2 hours, and will not need to be recharged as often. Please ensure you do not leave electronics without a charge for longer than 2 weeks at a time, this will lessen the lifetime of your electronics. If not in use, just charge once a fortnight to keep them in the best health!