Rescue Studs

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Rescue Studs - for when your 3/8" stud holes are loose and won't hold a regular stud.

Should be an essential part of every competitors stud kit - just in case.

The rescue stud is designed to tighten up and hold firmly in stud holes that have become worn or slack.

Fit Rescue Studs and avoid an emergency farrier visit.

Use a coin or screwdriver in the slot to screw in Rescue Studs if you don't have a spanner at hand.

Currently available in three styles:

  • Type P (PGSRP12) - 12mm protrusion. The shortest of the Rescue Stud range
  • Type S (PGSRS16) - 16mm protrusion. For harder ground
  • Type X (PGSRX16) - 16mm protrusion. For softer ground

Part of the Pro Grip Studs range

4 Rescue Studs per pack.