Horseware ICE-VIBE Boots

Horseware ICE-VIBE Boots

One of our unified favourites, the ICE-VIBE Tendon Boots from Horseware.

ICE-VIBE tendon boots are a portable massage boot set with hot/cold inserts to create warm or cold circulation.  They can be used before and/or after exercise or as part of a rehabilitation plan.

Creating a massaging effect, ICE-VIBE boots increase blood flow to tendons and ligaments making them more elastic, which can help reduce the risk of injury.
The massaging effect also helps to stimulate the lymph system to help reduce existing inflammation.

Tendons do not return to normal temperatures as quickly as muscles do when cooled.
This is because tendons don't have the same blood supply or metabolism as muscles do; therefore making the legs very cold for long periods of time may actually contribute to an inflammatory response, rather than reducing it.

ICE-VIBE boots are designed to cool down the internal workings of the leg via the cold packs by slowing down the blood flow to tired or damaged tissue. The cooling effect combined with vibration massage means that although blood flow is slowed, it is not completely restricted - this allows blood oxygen levels to be maintained and helps to speed up recovery.

ICE-VIBE boots also great for healing injuries that may leave scars.
When an area is healing, scar tissue is formed.
The movement created by the vibration and massage helps to break down adhesion and scar tissue whilst increasing blood flow to assist healing, helping to minimize the scar tissue left behind.

ICE-VIBE Tendon Boots are available in Full Size (suitable for use on smaller horses or those that are fine boned) or Extra Full (great for heavier horses)
There are also Hock boots and Knee wraps available.


#1 Make sure the panels are in the boots flat side to the horse's leg

#2 Although you can move the panel to different pockets in the boots the best place to use the panel for maintenance or rehabilitation is in the pocket that sits at the back of the tendon.

#3 The extra full cold packs have a top and bottom as marked on the cold pack, they have two splits that sit over the front of the fetlock. If the slits are not open you can open with scissors on the two thickened lines that are over the front of the fetlock joints.


#4 When using hock or knee boots the panel goes into the pocket battery first, so the on/off mark is in line with the on/off mark on the boot.

#5 Setting 2 is your main setting when being used daily.

#6 Always use with cold packs if swelling is present.

#7 The most effective way to use your boots at an event is to wait until the legs have cooled down, then use on setting two with the cold packs, the reason for this is that when your horse is very hot and the blood is pumping around the horses body in large volumes the vibration is not required until the legs have cooled off to help flush out any soreness and swelling.

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