Caring for your Prestige Saddle

Caring for your Prestige Saddle

A Prestige saddle is a real artisan gem made in Italy, and just like other leather products it requires a continuous care to help preserve its look and increase the lifespan.

These are simple measures that are essential to create a natural protection layer for both the horse and rider against wear, perspiration and weather conditions. Sun and rain, as well as the normal wear due to use, are major enemies of any
leather since these factors are not often thought of, and dry and harden leather over time.

When conditioning the Prestige leather, it is recommended to use only Prestige products. 

In order to care for your Prestige saddle (and the mounts/accessories!) we have put together some recommended products and techniques that can prolong the life expectancy of the leather and extend the gorgeous appearance of said saddle.


If for any reason your saddle has marks, dust etc, Prestige has released a wonderful Leather Cleaner, manufactured to treat prestige leather with top quality care.
If this is unavailable to you, it is best just to give it a wipe down with a damp (not wet) cloth. Anything abrasive or an overly strong chemical soap can cause wear, dry out the leather, or leave stains/fade colour.


A good hydration allows to protect a saddle from wear and is vital after wet weather and prolonged exposure to the sun. Prestige has designed a natural balsam that revitalizes the colours and keeps the saddle flexible and soft. Prestige/Renaissance Leather Balsam neutralizes the damages caused by sweat and leaves a pleasant fragrance.  

This product is devised to keep the beauty and the intergity of leather despite weather conditions and ageing.

Leather Oil:

As an alternative to the Balsam, Prestige has also designed a Prestige/Renaissance Leather Oil, which is great for restoration as it is high penetration and provides a softness for comfort.

Storing the Saddle:

If you purchased the Prestige saddle new, you should have received a saddle cover with it.
Storing your saddle in the tack shed, truck, however you do, this cover is particularly useful to reduce any potential scrapes, knocks and of course, dirt/dust.
Some will have a fleece lining in the cover, this is great as it tends to add a little bit more protection and can help to polish the saddle a little.

If you have misplaced your cover, or purchased secondhand and did simply not receive one, any form of saddle cover will do relatively the same job!


  • The Prestige products should be applied generously to repair and protect.

  • Avoid using excessive amounts on the girth straps - these are made of a leather material that has a high absorbency level so just enough to regenerate the straps will suffice.

  • Using a tack cleaning sponge will help to spread the cleaner/balsam evenly, ensuring you get the most out of the product.

  • When riding in wet weather, use a saddle cover to protect it from the worst of the rain - if possible and the situation allows.


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Just trying to sell my prestige Versailles to buy a bigger size.. but potential buyers keep asking why there’s no stamp under the saddle flap?… any idea? …. thanks

Laura bary

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